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Online Roulette Tips – Casino Game Strategy

casino roulette game

Roulette is one of the most humorous casino games found with lots of exaggeration and madly players shouting everywhere to get their desired number on the roulette wheel. Though, playing roulette is a straightforward process, yet; it requires a thorough knowledge of its betting options to calculate the winning odds on every roulette spin. The first important part is to understand how things work in a roulette playing session. There’re, broadly, two kinds of roulette wheels found in online casinos, one of them contains 37 slots appearing 1 to 36 numbers and a zero, while another is having 38 slots containing 1 to 36 numbers and a zero alongwith a double zero. Later version is mostly played in US casinos where it’s hard to find European styled 37 slots roulette game. Anyways, the first strategic part starts right from the choosing a best paying roulette variant, and it’s, of course, European styled roulette containing 37 slots. Each extra slot deduces the winning probability by 1/37 times, so it’s a wise decision to opt for 37 slots roulette game. [Read more…]